'The Grass is cut' Performance at the old police station Queen Street Belfast October 2010

'The grass si cut' Performance at the old police station Belfast October 2010. Photo Jordan Hutchingson

'Portmanteau' (variation) Performance at Ars Electronica, 'Soft Bodies' Linz Austria. September 2010

'Portmanteau' (variation) 'Soft Bodies' performance festival Linz Austria.

INVERT: Performance/Installation at Toronto Free Gallery, FADO, Canada. February 2010. Photo Shannon Cochrane.

'I just dont know what to do with myself' Performance, ARES, Timisoara Romania July 2006. Photo Simultan.

'LYCOPENE' 'Out of Site' Festival Performance in Wolfe Tone Park, Dublin 2007. Photo Michelle Brown.

'Sibling's' Sculpture at the Arts and Disability Forum Belfast, Group show 2010.

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