Installation shot, 'Soft Bodies' Linz Austria. Photo Leo Devlin.

Aaron Woolard's hand holding debris from 'The Grass is cut' performance, old police station Belfast. Photo Jordan Hutchingson.


Performance at Black Box Belfast, 'Being Gay in the G.A.A' Photo Catherine Devlin.

Some random building that caught my eye in Linz Austria.

Tomato squash shot from LYCOPENE performance in Transylvania Romania, photo Uto Gustav.

Photo i took  of Giants Causeway 2010.

Random building site in Toronto that caught my eye when i was there for FADO 2010.

Grave yard photo i took in Cushendall 2010.

Photo of some drawings in my studio.

Bucket Bark action, Toronto Free Gallery 2010.

Lawn Mower Study: Studio Shot, Platform Art, Belfast 2010.

After math from performance at the old police station Belfast.


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